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XIX-th International Computer Art Forum "Computer Space 2007" includes exhibitions of interactive arts, WWW arts, installations, multimedia products, seminars and conferences. In the frame of the forum there will be special awards among which one for best project on topic "e-Games".

Traditionally "Computer Space 2007" includes the followingcompetitions:

computer graphics
+ art pictures
+ design, advertising pictures
+ digital photos processed by computer

Send your works printed (in approx. A3 format) and in file formats - (.jpg, .bmp, .gif, .tga, .tif)

computer animation
+ art movies, cartoons
+ advertising and music clips
+ digital videos processed by computer
Send your entry on CD/DVD (in .avi, .avi-divX, .mpeg, .swf, .mov), or on VHS / S-VHS tape with a maximum length of 10 minutes.

computer & electronic music open to
+ Drum'n Bass, Dub, Techno, Trance, House, Downtempo, Ambient, Breakbeat, Global, Noise, Exotica, digital DJ-culture, Experimental, New Age, etc.
+ Performances, sound-space projects, installations, radio works, net-music, generative music, etc.
+ Electro-acoustic, experimental, etc.

Send your entry on CD/DVD (on the common file types - CD-audio, .mp3, .wav) or audio-tape.

offline multimedia
+ CD/DVD based multimedia
+ interactive installations

We expect your multimedia creation on a CD/DVD.

web design subcategories
Please indicate clearly the subcategory, to which your web site most corresponds. You may submit three web sites, but you may not submit the same web site in different subcategories!
arts & culture - open to
+ net art, web design
+ art and cultural databases, online museums, galleries literature, architecture, etc.
+ personal web sites with artistic approach
society & institutions - open to
+ communities, non-profit organizations, foundations, ministries and state institutions, etc.
entertainment & hobby - open to
+ gaming, music, animation, film
+ hobby and entertainment oriented media (TVs, radios, papers, magazines), streaming media, forums and chats, etc.
+ personal hobby web sites
technology & market- open to
+ companies and corporations, financial institutions
+ e-shops, e-services
+ research, e-learning
+ wireless and mobile, ICT, etc.
information & media open to
+ web portals and search engines
+ information oriented media (TVs, radios, papers, magazines), net journalism, e-publishing, news services, etc.

Registered projects in the categories may be awarded with some of the special prizes. You can find more information about the special awards in the menu "Juri and prizes".