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Participation rules


Each participant can register maximum 3 projects, but the same project cannot be registered in different categories!

The registered project must have been developed within the past two years and should be sent on CD or Floppy-Diskette (in case no other specification is required).

The author (authors) could participate with up to 3 projects.

The organizers have the right to use all registered projects in each of the "Computer Space 2007" materials.


Deadline for receiving the applications and for registration: 30.09.2007


The Registration procedure for participation in the contests consists of two phases:

- - online registration of the project(-s)
- - confirmation of the registration from the organizers (within ten days).
- All the required documents and materials should be sent by e-mail info@computerspace.org or via post (to address).

Necessary documents for participation::

- Abstract/Description of the project (up to 1/2 page);
- Brief CV of the author(-s) (up to 1/2 page);
- Photo of the author(-s) and picture from the project(-s);
- Version of the project (on video, audio tape, CD, www address or printed material) - *should be sent by ordinary post.

Please, send the required documents/materials:

- in printed and in electronic version (3,5" floppy disk or a CD-ROM)
- in English
And do not forget to write your address, phone/fax number, e-mail, web site


Organizers could assist authors in organizing their presentations and could cover the accommodation of some of the participants in the frame of Computer Space forum.

The participation of individuals, non-profit organizations /NGOs/ and companies is free of charge till 30.08.07. After this date participation fee is 30 lv. or 20 euros. The participation fee should be transferred immediately after the online registration to the following bank account.

The organization of presentation and advertising events for a company (between 1 and 3 hours) is negotiated with the organizers and costs 150 Euros.

If you have some ideas for events, workshops, or proposals for participation in the symposium, please contact organizers as soon as possible, but not later than 30.09.2007.

The earlier registration could assure better place in the program and an opportunity for financial support of the participant.