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Photos from the award ceremony and the seminars

The awarding ceremony, Central military club.

Rosen Petkov opens the awarding ceremony.

The awarding ceremony, Central military club.

Michael Pospisil – head of the Czech Center awarding a winner.

Ivelin Stefanov - head of department in Information Service Pls awarding a winner in category Web Design.

Petar Neichev - AWSUM Interactive awarding a winner in category Web Design - Technology&Market.

Dimitar Zheliazkov - production manager of „Computers” newspaper and magazine „Software and Hardware” awarding a winner.

Rosen Petkov announcing the winner in category Computer Animation.

Nikolay Mihaylov - moderator in 3dbg.com awarding a winner in category Computer Graphics.

Vladimir Djambazov - composer and performer of electronic music awarding Bob Zopp for his first place in category Computer Music.

Georgi Buchkov - academic programs manager awarding a winner.

Vladimir Hristov - BBS awarding a debut project with the Apple special award.

Presentation of Moritz Mayerhofer, producer and animator.

Hannes Appell presents his project “Making of Kuhfo”.

Christiane Luible presents Prof. Nadia Thalmann`s project - „Fashion shows in virtual reality”.

Presentation of Nicola Angrisano, New Global Vision.

Blaz Erzetic presents his project “Time Heals…”.

Presentation of Bob Zopp - winner in category Computer Music.

Vladimir Djambazov presents Almar Co. projects.

Presentation of Vladimir Chalkov - Microsoft MVP, manager of Crossroad Ltd.